Personalized Care

Personalized Care

We Treat You Like Part of the Family

By our definition, personalized care means treating the person in addition to the eye condition. We make you feel comfortable, relaxed and confident as you make the decisions that affect your vision. We give you all the information you need and let you know that you are considered a part of our extended family by trusting your eyes to us.

Here are a few ways we define personalized care:

  • Long-Term Care — At many Lasik centers, especially discount centers, you may not be offered long term benefits. It is especially important that your eyesight is carefully monitored during a series of post-operative visits.
  • Continuity of Care — You will always get the highest quality of care. We never cut corners or lower our standards. You will be taken care of by qualified professionals, and your doctor will be involved throughout the whole Lasik process.
  • Trust — We believe that the key to a great doctor-patient relationship is trust. Our doctors and staff go out of their way to make sure you are fully educated and well prepared to make the best decisions about your vision needs.
  • Technology — Professional Eyecare Associates Laser Center continually invests in technology so that our patients have the best chance to improve their vision. The comfort and safety of our patients are paramount to us.
  • Staff — The staff at Professional Eyecare Associates Laser Center is experienced, friendly, trustworthy and readily available for questions or assistance.
  • Results — Our track record of great results is a direct product of our belief in personal care. Just ask any of our happy Lasik patients.



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